Don't pass on glass next time you take a trip to Swift Current's SARCAN.

SARCAN is now accepting 'household' glass at their recycling centre. This change helps to reduce the amount of waste glass in landfills and makes it a bit easier to discern if a glass item is supposed to go in recycling.

Swift Current's Superintendent for Solid Waste and Diversion, Keegan Story, shared some examples of what kind of items fall into the category of household glass.

"This would apply to things such as your jam jars, your Cheese Whiz containers, and glasses that are non-beverage containers," listed Story. "Glasses that SARCAN previously took with a deposit."

These kinds of items and materials will no longer require a deposit, and will simply be received like other recyclable materials.

"Anything we can keep out of landfills just helps extend the life there," reminded Story. "We have a lot of people who are very passionate about recycling and glass recycling has been a topic that we have received a lot of calls and questions on."

For those curious, SARCAN will accept household glass, both clear and coloured, so long as it is properly cleaned and has the top removed. All household glass must be presented inside the depot where it will be sorted by employees. There will be no drop-off bins for these items.

SARCAN is not accepting ceramics, Pyrex, cooking glass, mirrored glass, plate glass or china. These do not fall into the household glass category.

So far, the plan for recycled household glass is for clear glass to be refined into beads that will be used in reflective paint for highways and streets. Coloured glass will be recycled into fiberglass insulation for homes.

You can find a full list of approved household glass containers on the SARCAN website here.