Families across Saskatchewan have the next five days to prepare to make arrangements for their school-aged children as teachers go on strike. 

The Saskatchewan Teachers Federation announced the one-day province-wide strike this morning for next Tuesday, also providing the government an opportunity to change course. 

According to the STF, the countdown would be stopped if government were to allow their negotiating committee to bargain.

“The last thing any teacher wants is for negotiations to impact the school year, so we are exhausting every possible option to get government back to the table,” says Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation President Samantha Becotte. “At every turn, teachers have said that committees are getting us nowhere on these urgent issues, and a new deal must include items to address class size and complexity. Government remains intransigent, even after conciliation. This is not bargaining; they are making decisions based on politics and student learning is suffering for it.”

The association added that if the government’s intransigence continues, additional job action will follow the strike on January 16.

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