Swift Current's Lyric Theatre is inching closer to reopening, community members are eager to get together and enjoy the events and performances again.

Interim general manager at the Lyric Theatre in Swift Current, Georgia Graham, can't wait to open the doors to the community once more.

"We're just working on closing up some issues with fire regulations and drywalling some spaces that needed to be completed from a previous renovation," said Graham. 

The Lyric Theatre has raised over $50,000 so far, half of which is from a grant from Innovation Federal Credit Union. The funds raised thus far will only cover renovations on the main floor, $250,000 is needed to fully complete the upgrades.

"We're crossing our fingers and are hopeful for April or May," Graham said when asked when the public might be able to expect a reopening.

The temporary closure of the building has had a significant impact on Swift Current and the area's artists, musicians, and other groups who relied on the space. 

"It was really hard," Graham said. "It's really put out a lot of different community groups. A lot of the open-stage musicians haven't had anywhere where they can go and practice.

"Our youth talent night hasn't had anywhere to perform all season and our write-out-loud group has been doing their presentations out of the museum.

"It has also impacted our ability to get grants because if we're not putting on any productions we can't get the funding."

To get everyone back in the mood, the Lyric Theatre will have open-stage performances and musicians at the tradeshow that takes place March 8 at the Stockade.

The Lyric Theatre is grateful to the community for their patience and support and hopes to see everyone back soon.