Southwest workers of the construction industry gathered for a lunch event at the Living Sky Casino in Swift Current yesterday.

The luncheon drew in around 80 people and was hosted by the Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association

Collin Pullar, president of the Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association, was pleased with the turnout and grateful for the opportunity to remind his colleagues about preparedness.

"Folks were really engaged," said Pullar. "You could see the look of awe on people's faces as Greg went through his presentation and they really appreciated his message. I think it was very resounding for most people and very relatable."

The guest speaker who was presenting at the event was none other than the Tornado Hunter, Greg Johnson.

"We live in an age where TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, and people doing dumb things on camera, we almost think that we're invincible," said Johnson. "Whether you're working in the kitchen in a restaurant and you're around the dangers involved in that or whether you're on a construction site, or in my case storms and lightning and tornadoes.

"There's things that you do to stay safe and most of it involves preparation and planning and education," Johnson said.

People who attended the event could relate to Johnson's adventurous yet down-to-earth demeanour and brush up on their safety awareness.

"I'm literally putting myself into dangerous situations, but the message is that you have to do it safely, there's a difference between taking risks and being reckless," said Johnson.