After two days of generous giving from locals, Toys Days managed to bring in a massive hall this year.

The Canadian Tire Toys Days for the Salvation Army this year managed to sneak past last year's total. A total of 580 toys were brought in over the two-day onair affair, with donations made directly from folks purchasing toys, and those making cash donations. 

For Bill Mailman, Lieutenant for the Swift Current Salvation Army, it was an amazing thing to witness as droves of people came into the store to contribute to children's Christmas wishes. 

"We always look forward to Toys Days," said Mailman. "We always try to figure out when it is so we can plan around it cause it's always great."

Of those 580 toys, some were purchased with cash donated to Canadian Tire, being matched by them and other businesses. 

For Tyler Lemieux, general manager at the Swift Current Canadian Tire, it was great getting to scoop piles of toys off the shelves to add to the Salvation Army Toys Days donation. 

"It was nice to see the community coming and taking part again in what is now becoming the annual tradition," said Lemieux. "There were a lot of people that came and brought toys, both from other places and purchased from here, so it was really nice to see the community support."

Mailman and others at the Salvation Army are working to count the full amount of toys they have. This donation he reckons will push them to either just over or just under 1,000 Christmas gifts. 

"We're hoping to have enough for at least possibly two gifts per child," said Mailman. "Hopefully that'll cover everything."

With over 370 children and teens having been registered by their families this year, the Salvation Army is making a huge impact this Christmas. All those kids will get to open not one, but two presents this year that their parents will have picked out for them. All those special Christmas morning memories will be made in part possible by everyone who donated. 

"We're really grateful to everyone who donated and to Canadian Tire for their support," said Mailman. "We look forward to doing it in the future if it's something they would like to continue." 


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