While the warm weather was nice, it'll be back to business as usual come Monday.

Temperatures are forecasted to return to freezing, but it shouldn't be too steep a drop.

Monday will ease folks back into more seasonal chills with a high of -4 C. From there, the decline will continue throughout the week until arriving at a high of -17 C on Thursday.

Meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada, Terri Lang, doesn't think that there will be any record set, but it will certainly be chilly.

"We're forecasting overnight lows around -20 C or minus -25," said Lang. "I don't think we're close to any of those records yet, it'll just feel a lot colder."

This fall into the negative degrees comes as the chinook that folks have been enjoying for the last week finishes its southwest Saskatchewan tour and is replaced by an Alberta clipper. 

"[The clipper should] start to form on Sunday," explained Lang. "Looks like it all comes through the province on sort of overnight Sunday into Monday, and Monday looks like quite a stormy day across southern Saskatchewan."

As temperatures do cool off, remember to dress in layers, as it's the air between the layers that hold the most heat. Be sure to take caution on highways, which will likely be icy and hazardous.