Swift Current motorists are currently enjoying a 16-month low for prices at the pumps, but that isn't expected to last for long.

The last couple of weeks gas prices have stayed put around $.979 per litre. But with oil prices on the rebound, Senior Petroleum Analyst with GasBuddy Dan McTeague believes gas prices will begin to rise again shortly.

"It's going to go back up and unfortunately it's going to go up because of oil," he said. "On Christmas Eve oil hit $42.53 per barrel, as of today, oil is now up to $52.17... it's likely to go back to $70 per barrel between now and April."

McTeague predicts that gas prices will start to climb roughly 2-3 cents per litre within the next week.

The current gas prices are the lowest price in Swift Current since October 18, 2017, when it was selling for $.959 per litre.

"We've dropped 27 cents per litre from its highs in 2018," he said. "That's remarkable because back in October most thought oil would go to $100 per barrel - that it wouldn't collapse to $42 per barrel - and as a result, consumers are really the benefactors."

Since mid-October gas prices have fallen about 20 cents per litre saving motorists about $16 for about 80 litres of fuel.

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