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    MP David Anderson Visits China

    Cypress Hills/Grasslands MP David Anderson is currently in China discussing future relationships between Canada and China. "We've been in China for the last few days with a nuclear trade delegation which has been sponsored by the Ontario government bringing Canadian industry over here, finding new markets for Canadian technology finding new markets for ou...

  • Saskatchewan Discussing Hells Angels

    The Government of Saskatchewan are considering whether they should follow in the footsteps of Manitoba and declare the Hells Angels motorcycle gang a criminal organisation. Manitoba ...

  • World Concerned With Ebola Virus

    Right now in West Africa there's an outbreak of the Ebola virus disease. It started a few months ago in Guinea and then about 10 days ago, the caseload spread to Liberia where Samari ...

  • Booster Seats Becoming Mandatory in Saskatchewan

    Along with a number of traffic safety laws changing in the province, mandatory booster seats will take effect on June 27th. As a result of recommendations made by the Special Committ ...

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  • Soil Test Key Message for Producers

    This week's moisture, whether it comes in the form of rain or snow, will mean a little more moisture in the fields for spring seeding. Farmers lining up their inputs would really
  • Fertilizer Shortage Affecting MB Farmers

    Some farmers who pre-booked nitrogen fertilizer supplies for this spring are being told by their retailers that they might not get them, says the president of

  • Grain Management

    Farmers have been sitting on stored grain much longer than they anticipated this year due to the logistics of trying to get a bumper crop to market with harsh w

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