Students from four schools were looking to perform on the Telemiracle stage

Students from Ecole Centennial Schools, Fairview School, Central School, and OM School performed bucket drumming in front of judges as their audition for the annual fundraiser.

Celia Hammerton, the music teacher at Central School, said that she thought the performance went extremely well.

"The students did an amazing job, and it was enjoyed by an audience of the parents there and the judges, and we had some very positive comments."

Hammerton said that they chose to do bucket drumming, as it's something the students enjoy.

"I think we decided we would try something a little bit different and the kids at school they all love to bucket drum and we also decided it also be a really neat idea to collaborate and have students from the four different city schools join together," she said. "They really enjoyed all working together."

She noted that she likes auditioning for Telemiracle because it teaches the kids some valuable lessons. 

"I think its a great experience for the students and it gives them the experience of performing live and performing to a bigger audience," she said. "It also gives them an opportunity to teach them about fundraising and helping other people in the community and seeing what great things they can do to help other people."

Hammerton added that they will find out in December of weather or not they will make it onto the show.