The flooding around Swift Current Creek has yet to ebb its overflow.

Yesterday, City crews could be seen filling sandbag barriers along the creek near Lee Lam Bridge by Riverside Park and by Ashley Park Hall on Connaught Drive. 

FLooded Park landThe Bike Path by Lee Lam Bridge is completely submerged. 

The flood waters are quickly encroaching on homes near the creek's edge, which prompted the City to set up the barriers sooner rather than later. 

The flooding has already submerged other large swaths of parkland.

Elmwood Park underwaterThe Swift Current Creek, submerging the pathway near Elmwood Park.

Crews aren't too worried about parkland flooding, as the worst it will do is float last year's mulch and lead to gardening trouble. The key concerns are residential areas, where basements and main floors could be at risk of extreme damage. 

Folks are encouraged to stay clear of barricaded areas, as well as to stay off the banks of the creek. Flood waters soften up the soil, making for treacherous footing that can give way. 

Swift Current Online will provide more updates as the situation changes. More flooding is expected as the creek continues to rise as more water arrives from upstream.